Marina 21 Group is thrilled to announce that we are proud sponsors of two extraordinary sailors, Giancarlo Pedote and Milan Kolacek in the prestigious 50th ROLEX FASTNET RACE! Their partnership with Marina 21 Group exemplifies the shared values of excellence, passion, and dedication to the sport of sailing.

The 50th ROLEX FASTNET RACE starts on Saturday, 22nd of July from the charming town of Cowes, nestled on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom. From there, skilled sailors will navigate through the unpredictable waters of the English Channel, embarking on an adventure towards the fabled Fastnet Rock(Ireland). Their ultimate destination lies in Cherbourg, France, covering an impressive distance of approximately 695 miles.

The ROLEX FASTNET RACE is one of the most famous ocean yacht races in the world, and completing it is widely regarded as one of sailing’s crowning achievements. From seasoned veterans to aspiring newcomers, each participant brings their own unique style and expertise, contributing to the ultimate test of skill and resilience on display.

So mark your calendars and prepare to be enthralled as the 50th ROLEX FASTNET RACE starts. Join us in celebrating the incredible journey of Giancarlo Pedote & Milan Kolacek, and all the remarkable sailors as they navigate the high seas in pursuit of victory.

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