Dalmatia region

Dalmatia will welcome you with its calm seas, beautiful nature, delicious food and its tranquil yet rich culture.

Discover the charms of fine Dalmatian cuisine

Fish delicacies, made from both white and blue fish, and meat specialties prepared on the grill or cooked in wine, are synonymous with traditional Dalmatian eating. Fish or meat dishes, cooked in Prošekwine, with almonds, dry figs or lavender, are infused with divine Mediterranean flavours that delight even the most fastidious guests.

The rich Dalmatian history

To go back to the region’s roots, we have to look back to around 1.000 BCE to find the first recorded inhabitants, the Illyrians. One of the tribes, the Delmata, might have even left one of the biggest marks on the regions – with the region’s name probably originating from theirs.

Dalmatia has experienced many changes of sovereignty throughout its history, with each rulers imprinting parts of their culture onto this culturally rich Croatian coastline region.