In western Croatia, encompassing over 3.000 km2, a peninsula filled with many spectacular natural beauties and historical sights is waiting for you alongside the Adriatic coast. Filled with seemingly infinite greenery scattered across many rolling hills, and with many local cities intertwining their historic elements with modern experiences, everyone can find themselves immersed in the Croatian culture.

The calm Croatian lifestyle

With the region’s proximity to Italy, many aspects of the laid-back southern European culture are evident in the Istrian region. Excellent wines are waiting for you in wineries in nearly every city, which you can enjoy in the traditional Croatian historic city centers. You can visit many UNESCO-listed sites dating all the way to the 6th century, enjoy the colourful architecture, and end your evening in one of the many excellent restaurants.

Gastronomic experiences

The entire Istrian region has undoubtedly gained a gourmet reputation thanks to the many aspects of the Mediterranean cuisine having originated in the region. Fish prepared in the traditional way, great wines coming from surrounding vineyards and fresh fruits grown everywhere you look – those are just some of the must-haves when sailing in Croatia.