Gajeta Falkuša: Guardian of the Croatian Maritime Heritage

Gajeta Falkuša is a ship of exceptional seamanship that hides two ships in its structure, a rowing boat used for fishing (especially for nets), and a barge with high sides for transporting cargo and sailing. Gajeta Falkuša is an important symbol of the islands of Vis and Komiža, as well as of the entire Croatian maritime heritage, and has the status of an intangible cultural asset. She is adorned with an elegant hull and a Latin sail, thanks to which she can reach a speed of up to 12 knots, and the experience of driving and fishing is passed down from generation to generation.

Gajeta falkuša is a unique masterpiece of naval engineering with outstanding sea capabilities. In the 16th century, Bay of Komiža hosted as many as 74 falkuša, which clearly testifies to their great importance and distribution at that time. However, today it is sad to know that only three Gajeta Falkušas remain in Komiža, making them a precious heritage that is carefully preserved and nurtured.

The value and significance of Gajeta Falkuša’s ship as an intangible cultural asset has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture, which further confirms its importance for the maritime history of Croatia.

Recently, Gajeta Falkuša, organized by the Palagruža Association, went to the Escale à Sète traditional boat fair in France, where two Gajeta Falkuša named “Palagruža” and “Mikula” were presented. In addition to the mentioned boats, traditional cuisine and local products from the island of Vis were also presented.

It is a great pleasure and honor for us at Marina Trogir to have helped with the transportation and loading of the vessel for the mentioned fair, and we will always be happy to respond and help for such special occasions.

We would like to emphasize that Marina 21 Group is always happy to help preserve Croatia’s old traditional maritime heritage, and we would like to point out that we also take exceptional care of environmentally friendly and responsible business that preserves the nature and environment of the places where our marinas are located in the long term.