Charming village Fažana

It’s a small, magical, lovely fishing village. Sardines and wine as the main symbols of Fažana are visible at every step. The former sardine processing factory left its mark in place. The Sardine Park on the Fažana center is a real open-air gallery;also there are interesting sculptures made of various materials designed by Fažana artists. The gastro offer is based mostly on local fish and sardines, so passing along the sardine road in restaurants and taverns you will have the opportunity to taste many salted fishes, fish on savor, fried fish, sardines in marinade, fried sardines, grilled sardines…

Numerous events in Fažana are held during the year regarding fish. So you can try your hand at salting fish at the “Fažana School of Salting” which takes place in May or taste homemade Malvazija wine in the event “Sea on the Table” which takes place in June. In August, the most famous are “Feast of sardines” where you will learn traditional ways to prepare sardines, and “What fishermen knows”, where you will learn Istrian traditional techniques to catch a fish. 

On the main square at the lowest altitude of only one meter there is a church of St. Kuzma and Damian. It was built in the 15th century in the late Gothic style. It is also the lowest church in Istria. Besides this church in Fažana you can see more: the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Carmel and the Church of St. John.  

The famous opera composer Antonio Smareglia lived in villa Ocean. It was in Fažana where he composed some of his best works. Today, the promenade by the sea is named after him. It offers beautiful, unforgettable sunsets. It is also an open-air museum because of bench-sculptures with audio-visual and light effects. 

Since 1971, Mate Parlov has stayed in Fažana. The only Croatian boxer to win all possible titles, amateur European and world champion, Olympic champion and professional European and world champion. In honor of him, a monument made by Ante Jukić in bronze was placed in Fažana. 

Numerous streets adorn houses with cheerful and vibrant colors that contribute to the beauty and pleasant family atmosphere of Fažana. Tourists are attracted by beautifully landscaped pebble beaches with shade. The beaches are adapted for the use of people with disabilities and offer a variety of facilities for sports and recreation. They offer a unique view of the beautiful Brijuni islands. 

On the Riva in Fažana there are many restaurants, known for their excellent fish offer. Since Fažana is a fishing village, all fish in local restaurants is freshly caught and prepared on the traditional way. We recommend to drink a glass of homemade Istrian wine with delicious fish. If you love white wine, we would recommend Istrian Malvasia, or if you prefer red wine, then Istrian Terran is for you.

In addition to a rich gastronomic offer, Fažana has beautiful beaches that offer magical views on the Brijuni Islands. If you like cycling or you like to walk or run, you have a long path by the sea that leads all the way to Pula. 

A boat from Fažana is going every one hour to Brijuni islands, so many celebrities have walked along the Fažana promenade – Queen Elizabeth II, Naomi Campbell, Indira Ghandi , Thomas Mann and many others. For those looking for recreation and sports, Fažana offers a 12km long bike path, football courts, volleyball, basketball and various water activities.