Beautiful beaches in the City of Pula

Pula abounds in numerous beautiful beaches that stretch along the entire coast. Pebble, sandy, rocky, well-tended city beaches; so everyone can find their ideal place. For those who want to explore pula’s coast, they will find numerous hidden coves where they can enjoy peace and solitude. The most attractive beaches are Ambrela, Hawaiian, Seagull Rocks, Stoja and Gortanova beach.

Ambrela beach is located at the entrance to the Verudela tourist resort. It is awarded the Blue Flag for its decoration and other qualities, such as the excellent quality of the sea. The pebbly beach with a gentle entrance to the sea attracts many bathers, especially families with children. On the beach, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as changing rooms and showers. Here you can rent various items for beach and water sports. Your safety is taken care of by the lifeguard who accompanies the swimmers throughout the day. In the sea, a swimming sea border line has been set at about 200m from the coast, to which boats are allowed to reach. A few meters from the shore, there is shade under the dense canopies of centuries-old trees. Near the beach there are caffee bars and restaurants with free parking for all visitors.

Hawaii Beach is situated in the cove below the hotel Park Plaza Arena, close to the popular tourist destination Verudela Resort. The sea border line has been established, and the beach is made up of pebbles with a moderate seaward slope. Families with little children can enjoy the shallow water at the beach in safety. The towering cliffs for diving into the ocean are the closest area for all adrenaline junkies to find a place for themselves. Nearby is free parking for all visitors.

Seagull Rocks is a popular spot for swimming and cliff jumping located in the city of Pula, Croatia. It is situated on the southern tip of the Pula peninsula. The Seagull Rocks are a series of rocky outcroppings that rise from the clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. The largest of the rocks is about 10 meters high and is a popular spot for cliff jumping. There are. There is a free parking lot where visitors can park their cars. The area can get crowded during peak tourist season, but the views and crystal-clear waters make it worth a visit. Seagull Rocks beach is also great for boat trips and anchoring your boat, because there are many protected coves.

Located west of the city of Pula. The pebbly beach has some rocky outcroppings and an easily accessible sea entry. There is a tourist camping resort built above the beach where you may hire various water sports equipment. There are also a few sports grounds for mini-golf, tennis, basketball, and volleyball. There are restaurants, bars, shops, and an exchange office as a part of the resort. From Stoja to Valsaline, a lengthy promenade stretches along the coastline, where you may spend the evenings taking in the sea air and its aroma. The parking is free for all the visitors.

The pebbly beach, which has a lovely sea entrance and is great for families with kids, has a marked boundary for swimmers. You can find shelter beneath a treetop just a few meters from the coast, and you can rehydrate at a nearby beach bar. All divers can find a location to call their own on the nearby rocky coast, which is close to the cove. The parking is free for all visitors.

From Pula, you can take different one-day excursions, and one of the more attractive is definitely a visit to the National Park Brijuni or the Kamenjak Nature Park, which will amaze you with its untouched nature and the magical sky-blue color of the sea. Finally, we advise you to visit Pula for several days because of its numerous attractions and rich history, which are impossible to visit in a single day.