A Hidden Paradise Across Pula – National Park Brijuni

While staying in Marina Polesana, you might want to use a unique occasion to visit Brijuni Islands, which are located only 3NM from marina. 

Name Brijuni was first mentioned around 1421, while in ancient times the islands were called „Insulae Pullariae“. Today it is a unique harmony of man, a diverse flora and fauna that can be seen only on the charming Brijuni islands that make up 14 islands and islets.

Natural beauty 

The area of Brijuni is inhabited by more than 160 diverse and beautiful species of birds and 18 different species of bats, most of which are protected and endangered. Only one species of snake lives on the entire islands – a black whip snake that is non-venomous and does not pose any danger to man.  Due to the Mediterranean climate with plenty of sun and heat lush vegetation is provided. Most of them are underbrush, but there are also holm oak and laurel forests. Huge landscaped lawns and beautiful parks and more than 600 different plant species are located on the island.  The Brijuni waters are home to many dolphins while the underwater world is rich in many species of fish and enchanting corals.


The first trace of dinosaurs in Croatia was found in the area of ​​Brijuni in 1925. As soon as you land on Brijuni Islands, you can see dinosaur imprints. It is believed that they originate from the group of theropods. T-Rex’s relatives also stayed here, which is why there is a life-size replica of on cape Vrbanj, which pleases the youngest visitors the most.  

Safari park

Today, many animals from different parts of the world reside there. While visiting the safari park you will run into llamas, zebras, ostriches, Indian sacred cow, deer, mouflons, peacocks, rabbits, turtles, frogs…

However, the star of this diverse and beautiful animal kingdom is the elephant Lanka, who has been living here since 1972, and is also the last elephant in Croatia. Lanka was given as a gift from Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Within the safari park there is an ethno park with Istrian sheep, donkeys, goats and Istrian cattle (Boškarin).  

Old olive tree

On the Brijuni islands there is one of the oldest olive trees in the Mediterranean.  The age is estimated at about 2000 years and annually gives about 30 liters of unique olive oil. 


For history lovers on the Brijuni islands there is also a rich museum material that includes geological-paleontological, archaeological and cultural and historical buildings. Few know that in 1893 Austrian Paul Kupelwieser bought Brijuni from Switzerland ‘s Hans Wildi for 75,000 guldens . He was the first in the world to build a swimming pool with heated seawater right on the Brijuni islands. Kupelweiser built a port that could only be sailed into when there was a tide, freed the islands from malaria, built a horse racetrack, a golf field….These are just some of the significant interventions he has done and left a valuable mark. 

Josip Broz Tito

It is inevitable for the Brijuni people to mention Josip Broz Tito. His residence was on one of the Brijuni islands called Vanga. His dark green Cadillac arrived in Brijuni in 1953 as a gift from our from Canada, and today it is the desire of most visitors to take it for a ride. 

Since his arrival in 1947, Tito has advocated for the arrangement of parks, the breeding and settlement of animals, the protection of forests and the restoration and arrangement of hotel facilities, various research and protection of cultural monuments.  The legend of Brijuni is certainly Tito’s parrot Koki. He is a type of yellow-crested cockatoos that live up to 100 years. Koki is very talkative, and he likes to swear very much. There’s no person who hasn’t taken a photo with him and a talked little bit with him. 

Docking on Brijuni

Since Brijuni has a port for the docking of boats, it is possible to dock with your own boat. You can moor in the port of Veli Brijun without prior notice. Upon docking, Brijuni sailors will collect your personal information and boat documentation for the purpose of vessel registration. Payment of the berth fee is made at the reception.


Most boaters remain on the islands for a few days, relaxing and enjoying the rich offer and cozy accommodation. For the accommodation you can choose between: Hotel Istra, Hotel Neptun, Rooms Karmen and the luxury villas. 

You can visit Brijuni also from the village Fažana, the boat is going every half hour and before going to the boat you must buy a ticket in Fažana on Brijuni National Park reception. Visitors have free sightseeing with a tourist train and a tourist guide. On the Brijuni Islands it is possible to swim and enjoy the beach, there are also bars and restaurants. If you want to explore Brijuni by yourself, you can rent a bike, electric scooter or golf car. 

Thanks to its diverse offer, Brijuni islands are an ideal destination for families, couples, business, political and other famous public figures who will enjoy untouched nature away from public view. It is up to you just to decide on a one-day or multi-day stay on this beautiful island. At the end just to remind you, Brijuni national park is located only 3 NM from our Marina Polesana. 

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